Lumix Festival for Young Visual Journalism


Visual identity

The Lumix Festival for Young Visual Journalism presents and reflects socially committed visual journalism of the 21st century, which actively deals with political, cultural, social, ecological and technological processes. Using the expressions of journalistic, transmedial narrative formats, the festival dedicates itself to current perspectives of the documentary and understands them as media of active participation in global debates.
The 80 works on display are accompanied by a comprehensive programme of events that includes international lectures, guided tours, workshops, a photo book fair, the award ceremonies and much more. With more than 40,000 international visitors, the festival is one of the most important of its kind.

In 2020, with the change of direction, there was also a redesign, which was taken over by our studio. There was the wish to use a serif typeface to create a connection to the classic, valuable journalism. Also the stronger opening to transmedial narrative forms should be considered in the design.
For the word mark we chose a combination of Halvar Medium and Times New Roman Italic. The word mark can be used variably – depending on the medium and language - and can be supplemented by the date and/or the edition of the festival.
Within the communication media, the focus is on the interaction of typography, colour and image. The images are positioned with a varying "white space" on red, blue or grey colour surfaces. This variable triad runs through all media such as posters, websites, social media channels, guidance systems, admission tickets, vouchers, certificates and much more.
When designing the website, we decided that the homepage, based on an online magazine, should present itself with diverse content rather than with generous motifs in order to directly generate a distinction from a pure exhibition format.

After the first posters had been printed, the festival in its originally planned form was first cancelled - due to the Corona pandemic - and then developed into a digital festival.
On ten festival days from 19 to 28 June 2020, ten different themes were presented on platforms such as lumix-festival.de, Instagram and Facebook. The 80 multimedia and photo projects were shown digitally in their entirety and the journalists were also introduced on the platform. There were live conversations, portfolio discussions, a daily podcast, a mobile roadshow in the city and much more.

As the festival is organized by the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography course of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover with the participation of the students, the students were able to accompany our conceptual and creative process of redesign in a seminar over two semesters. An additional focus of the seminar was the conception of communication and merchandising products that conform to the preamble.

Lumix Festival for Young Visual Journalism
Lumix Festival for Young Visual Journalism
Lumix Festival for Young Visual Journalism
Lumix Festival for Young Visual Journalism
Lumix Festival for Young Visual Journalism
Lumix Festival for Young Visual Journalism
Lumix Festival for Young Visual Journalism
Lumix Festival for Young Visual Journalism

Idea development
Content structure
Project management
Events — Art direction, visual communication media
Visual identity — Typography, color, visual concept, definition of multiple formats
Visual design — Layout, typography, typesetting
Realization — Manufacture, production coordination
Web site — Concept, design, content structure
Series — posters, social media content, multiple print products, awards