Volker Crone


Visuel identity and Website
Client: Volker Crone

Volker Crone describes his work as conceptual documentary photography. His photographic work subtly deals with social transformation processes, achieved through technical progress and the resulting effects.

The website developed for Volker Crone is similar to browsing a book. Information gradually becomes accessible. Complex photo series are supplemented with captions using an index.

Within the media (stationery, postcard, website), information is always pushed to the edge of the format, leaving room for the essential. The basis for the design is black typography: a font mixture from the Century Schoolbook Mono BT and Maxima Now.


Volker Crone
Volker Crone
Volker Crone

Idea development
Design concept
Project management
Corporate design — Wordmark, typography, color
Office stationary — Stationary, Postcards, Stamp
Web site — Concept, design, content structure