ItYt is a design studio focused on publications and identities operated by its founders in Hannover. We are specialized in culture and science communication. Our office conceptualizes, designs and realizes visual media in the fields of editorial design / book design, corporate design and event design.

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What We Do

Book design
Corporate design
Editorial design
Event design
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Melanie Rosenauer studied communication design with a focus on book design and editorial design in Kiel and Hildesheim. 
After graduating, she began to work as a free-lance book designer for publishing houses. Further, she worked for academic and cultural institutions in the fields of visual identity and editorial design. Focus at ItYt: Art direction for all specializations of the studio, project management and consulting.

Kiriakoula Kremantzouli studied communication design in Braunschweig and Athens. She worked for the agencies Peter Schmidt Group and Odeon Zwo with a focus on packaging, branding, editorial design and corporate design for international companies as well as for customers in the cultural sector and for public institutions. In 2018 she successfully completed her further education in the field of cultural management at Leibniz Universität Hannover. Focus at ItYt: Art direction for all specializations of the studio, project management and consulting.

Ilina Catana studied at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD) and worked as a free-lance designer for several clients in Switzerland and Germany. Focus at ItYt: Corporate design und editorial design.

Yvonne Lason studied communication design in Bielefeld and worked for the renowned design agency EIGA (Hamburg). Focus at ItYt: Web design and corporate design.

Bettina Soller studied German literature, American Studies and Journalism in Hannover and Texas. She is a PhD student at the Leibniz University of Hannover. Focus at ItYt: Text and translation.