Landpartie 07

Landpartie 07
Landpartie 07
Landpartie 07

Book design
Client: Verlag Glück & Schiller, ISBN 978-3-938404-13-3

Realization in cooperation with the Editorial-Design class of 2006/2007
HAWK Faculty of Design, Hildesheim

The annual anthology of the department of creative writing and cultural journalism at the university of Hildesheim is one of the most important collections for young German literature including prose, poetry and stage plays.

The texts by these young authors are language experiments: ‘sport sonnets’ are printed alongside poetic ‘mintstroems’, a ‘hypertext’ next to a ‘Kathrin-Passig-parody’. How do you typeset a ‘hypertext’? Traditional print typeset meets new formats.

The book has been honored as one of the best German book designs by the Stiftung Buchkunst and was shown in a traveling exhibition in Taipei, Bucharest, Moskow, Beijing, Warsaw, Nara/Japan, Mexico, Bangkok, Nancy, Cape Town and Buenos Aires among other cities.

The catalogue Die schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2007/Best German Book Design 2007 (edited by Uta Schneider) comments on the anthology:

“This little book with its delicate black silhouette decor on the cover constitutes an invitation to a reading promenade. The effect of this decor, which also makes its mark on the contents, is one of dispersion, coincidental and yet distinctive. It invests this "outing", the intellectual forays of these students of creative writing, with its lightness. The texts, set a little small, but still comfortable to read, are well arranged with variety and an attractive mixture of fonts. In ever new formations they are accompanied by this fine, schematic, code-like pattern which is sometimes figurative, sometimes typographic.”

140 x 190 mm, 232 pages published by Verlag Glück & Schiller.